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How To Run a Successful Fund Raising Event with Fund Raising Ideas and Tips

I need to raise $20,000 to fund my independent film. How could I do this?


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I’m hoping to get my film into Sundance in 2010 but I need to raise a lot of money to get the film made. I’m very creative and artistic and I KNOW that my film is going to do VERY well. I thought about taking out a loan but I’m not sure that it is such a good idea and I don’t want to go into debt when I’m only 20 years old. What are some good ways to raise funds?

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  • 1 Gamer-Cool The Ebayer

    You can sell lots of stuff on ebay work do all kinds of stuff at once get some people to help you pay for it .the people that are going to be in the film get them to help you if the film is good then it would all be worth the blood swet and tears right.

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  • 3 Chris R

    Dude. Are you me? I’m in the EXACT same boat. I’m a young director looking to get 20,000 dollars to fund a film and I’m aiming to get a film into the 2010 slot.

    For me, I’m going with small donations and kind of taking that approach. Like setting up a crew of producers to get numerous small donations to from people.

    Three initial Executive Producers
    Enlist the help of 10 smaller producers
    Who enlist the help of 10 more people.

    It adds up.