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How To Run a Successful Fund Raising Event with Fund Raising Ideas and Tips

Any fund raising idea that don’t involve selling candy or food for high school students?


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We have a small community with fund raisers for the PTA/PTO, Band, Orchestra, Football, Cheerleaders, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and all the Athletic Association sports. We need to raise money for the class of 2010. Everyone is sick of magazines, candy, cookies, hoggies, and food from the market as well as calandars and lottery tickets…got any suggestions for fund raising other than these? Thanks.

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  • 1 minnahprufer

    well, my school has a walk-a-thon. what we do is we get sponser to pay us money for however many laps we walk around the school.

  • 2 natasha v

    Well how about washing cars
    or putting on a performance with an entrance fee?

  • 3 churchonthewayseniors

    rummage sales
    car washes

  • 4 shogun_316

    try selling christmas wrapping paper. it’s the perfect time.

  • 5 adrian.peter

    condoms? pregnancy tests? books on safe sex etc?

  • 6 READER 1

    Have you tried a kissing both. Ask somebody to donate an old car and sell hits on it for a dollar (or 5 dollars) a whack. Make sure the people realize they have to be careful and not get hit if the hammer or what ever they use bounces back. I guess you could provide some type of protective gear

  • 7 Cookiemobsta

    Have the students do odd jobs. A team of 5 schoolers can make short work of an unruly garden or a dirty garage. People will probably pay fairly well, too, because not only are they happy about the service recieved, they’re happy to support the organization.

  • 8 reporebuilder

    Find you a hot little street corner and stand there with a sign that says will work for food. You need a second individual. This person needs a sign that says (will supervise this idiot for a snack).

    Work’s like a champ. Every time!

    People just hand you money.

  • 9 ally

    Raise money like you would for an AIDS or Breast Cancer walk. Instead the charity is your charity. Do a mini marathon, swimming event, etc.

  • 10 Eurale

    okay, this is what you do, food fair is when people from all over celebrate, well, their food. Like us Brits sell fish and chips (beer to parents) Aussies their kangaroo things etc. also meanwhile with all the food being sold there would be an acrade being run by the students that have tokens you win and there can also be entertainment ongoing and things. A salon to get your hair done in diffrent colours u know the washable kind and scissors are NOT allowed. omg its so much fun. live it up!

  • 11 bellajezz

    It might sound silly – but a huge part of any teens life is fashion right?? So why don’t you hold a theme day – dress like your fave celebrity or sports star or something along those lines? Maybe a hair dye day – and have some fun colours in your hair??? If you do something like that and ask all participants to contribute a couple of dollars then more kids would be interested…..they could dress up, show off some bling etc etc. Hmm – this is a tough one isn’t it?? Maybe even a ‘Survivor’ type concept, create large groups (or tribes) and send them on missions to local business or events in an effort to raise money & to beat the other teams (tribes) this could also include tribe colours & costume…….just some ideas…..think outside of the square and you’re bound to find something that’s never been done. Best of luck!!

  • 12 dodgehemi6906

    here is an idea why dont you have a donation contest were you have a diffrent senario for each one like if you want to see a teacher shave there hair off or have the princeable dress up like elvis and he has to sing “aint nothin but a hounddog” infront of the school and the senario with the most money the person has to do it. its just an idea. hope it helped

  • 13 Catherine *

    Fun Run

    Fashion Show (sell tickets, ask local shops to donate for the night)

    Fundraising dinner

    Auction (donated goods)

    get students to paint/ draw/ create something – sell the items

    make badges to sell

    2nd hand book sale

    bracelets, beaded jewellery sale (made by students)

    Brick ‘adoption’ – you can have brick engraved with names, slogans etc. of people and use them to build walls, pavements etc and raise money for the organisation at the same time.
    Workshops – handyman, gardening, jewellery making people pay to attend.

    Handmade cards


    Guess the number of jellybeans/ m&ms/ Smarties in the jar

    Cookbook – get students, parents, staff to create a collection of their favourite recipes and sell for donations.

    Free Dress/ Fancy Dress/ Uniform day – gold coin donation for themed dress.



    These are a few ideas that I’ve heard of in my time… some of them are great and have the potential to earn a lot of money, and other are heaps of fun!

    Good luck. i hope you earn the money you need!